Designer Special Occasion Outfits

There is no better excuse to splash out on a designer outfit than for a special occasion

Recently we have seen many UK & International designers create ranges for all occasions - and whilst, in typical designer ways, not everything crosses over from catwalk to more local venues, we believe we have picked out some of the best designer outfits available to customers in the UK.

Designers outfits are available for the more traditional occasion, with designers such as Chesca and Gina Bacconi being highly respected.

However, we have seen an increasing demand by more modern women for more contemporary and fresh looks.

When thinking about a designer dress or outfit, it also pays to think about how you could use it again. Many of the contemporary outfits which UK retailers are offering are suitable for all special occasions, from days at the races to cocktail parties.

So don't just think the dress can and should be only worn once, especially if you are going to spend a little extra on it.

If you don't think that you will get more than one chance to wear the outfit you have bought, why not look at hiring an outfit for the day.

There are many sites that offer this service, with some sites offering designer dresses for hire for one or two days.

This is a great way of getting that designer look, which will get you the plaudits on the day, but also leave you some pennies in your purse!

Designer special occasion Outfits